Uniting craftsmanship and management

Solid ”made in Germany“ craftsmanship, coupled with international project management experience, is at the heart of our success strategy. With more than 25 years of experience as a master electrician and master mechanical engineer, Alfons Lummer advises and supports companies in the food industry across Europe. In addition to developing systems and processes, he can take over complete management of various projects and coordinate test runs.

Career steps

  • More than 14 years of experience as managing director of a well-known machine building company specialized in cutting and ultrasonic technology
  • Customer service for both small and large food producers
  • Repair and maintenance of chocolate enrobing lines, cooling units and transportation systems
  • Operations technician for bakery operations, systems support for candy production and frozen goods such as cakes, tarts and cream rolls
  • Development of customized solutions
  • Cutting systems for domestic and international markets
  • Strategic realignment of companies and products


You can rely on us

"You can benefit from our considerable expertise in food production technology. Our bright and motivated team members know exactly how to help you build a secure and leading-edge position in the competitive food industry. They can assist you with issues affecting your daily operations. You can rely on us and our partners to satisfy all your individual requirements. Our solutions are designed to grow with your needs."

Alfons Lummer